A group of hackers launched a campaign on the sites and servers of the terrorist-calling organization, vowing to wipe out their entire existence from the Internet.

According to a Newsweek report on Monday, November 13th, a group of Muslim pirates have declared war on a terrorist organization, fearing that it will erase its accounts and channels from the Internet.

The hacktivist Di5s3nSi0N group, in a tweet on Twitter, attacked sites and servers on 17 November as part of a campaign called “Silencing the Swords.”

The group has already carried out cyber attacks against the DAMAC news agency site, revealing 2,000 subscribers from the list of subscribers by e-mail.

“Our streets and fields are red from the blood of our martyrs because of a caller … and we will cleanse the Internet from them,” the group said in its official account. “Our revenge will be on 17.11.17.”

“Their activities highlight the vulnerability of websites,” said Rajin Resing, a member of the group’s pseudonym. “There are 50 to 75 percent of the sites and channels of the organization are weak and easy to penetrate because there are a lot of security holes.”

Experts have warned that such large-scale security holes put thousands of hospitals and other vital infrastructure at risk of being seized.

Hackers hacked into several Chinese, Japanese, British and French sites, including a Chinese university, a sheet flooring company based in Wales, and a small solar power company in England.