Hackers from North Korea attack Israel

NORTH KOREA – The hackers from North Korea attacked the electronic systems of the Israeli energy company to train to penetrate the best electronic protection systems, the Japanese newspaper Sankei reported.

The newspaper quoted sources in the Israeli company, on Tuesday, that it faces more than 6,000 electronic attacks a day, targeting its electronic systems, and that the source of most of the attacks was from the Middle East, but since last year began to monitor the growing attacks from North Korea.

One expert pointed to the advanced level of malicious software used by hackers from North Korea.

Sources in the company pointed out that the objectives of the hackers are unclear, and they are likely to carry out their attacks for training, the Israeli Energy Company has one of the best electronic protection systems in the world.

The company’s experts said the North Korean hackers had real capabilities to damage the infrastructure of the United States, Japan and other countries.