INDONESIA (VOP) – A man carrying a sword of worshipers attacked a church Sunday in Yogyakarta province, Indonesia, injuring at least four people before police shot him, a police officer told Xinhua.

The attack took place during the Sunday Mass at the Church of St. Lidwina Badhug Trihanjo in Salman district of the province, said the police officer in charge of the Gambeng district police station where the incident took place.

“The incident took place between 7 am and 7:30 pm Jakarta time on Sunday at the Ledwina church,” he said.

The attack wounded four people, including a police officer who tried to help the priest avoid the attack,” according to the police.

All the injured were taken to a nearby hospital for medical care, police said.

Police are investigating the case in an attempt to uncover the motive behind the attack and the network behind the attacker.

Militants usually target churches in Indonesia.