Growth of jobs in the US in November exceeded expectations

A man holds a leaflet at a military veterans' job fair in Carson, California October 3, 2014. REUTERS/Lucy Nicholson
The number of jobs in the US economy in November increased by 228 thousand, according to the Ministry of Labor of the country. Unemployment last month remained at a minimum since December 2000 – 4.1%.

Analysts had expected an average less significant increase in the number of workers at the level of 200 thousand, as well as the preservation of the unemployment rate, according to MarketWatch.

In October, according to the revised data, the number of jobs increased by 244 thousand, and not by 261 thousand, as it was announced earlier. Nevertheless, the revision for September-October indicated that the number of jobs was 3 thousand more than the previously announced estimate.

The average hourly wage in the US in November increased by 0.2% compared to the previous month and increased by 2.5% in annual terms – to $ 26.55. In October, the indicator decreased by 0.1% per month (previously reported as zero change) and increased by 2.3% for the year (2.4%).

The average duration of the working week in November rose to a five-month high of 34.5 hours compared to 34.4 hours in October.

The share of the population of able-bodied age in the labor force remained at around 62.7%.

The number of jobs in the private sector of the US jumped by 221 thousand, the number of civil servants increased by 7 thousand. The indicator in the manufacturing sector grew by 31 thousand, in the construction industry – by 24 thousand, in the retail trade – by 18,7 thousand.

The unemployment rate, taking into account the Americans who chose part- time employment solely for economic reasons (indicator U6) rose to 8% last month after it fell below this mark in October for the first time since 2006, to 7.9%.