News aggregator Google News will learn how to rank news items from RT and Sputnik in order to combat “Russian propaganda”. This is reported by the portal VICE with reference to the chairman of the board of directors of Alphabet, which includes Google Inc, Eric Schmidt.

At the forum on international security in the Canadian Halifax, Schmidt said that Google intends to resist the “spread of disinformation.” The company is working on a news site evaluation system that will generate Google News issuance in accordance with the internal rating of the source. Schmidt stressed that such a policy will primarily affect RT and Sputnik.

“We do not want to block websites, it’s not our style of work, I’m not a supporter of censorship, I’m a supporter of ranking,” the chairman of the company’s board of directors says.

Earlier, the US Department of Justice brought RT America to the list of foreign agents under the Foreign Agents Act of 1938, and many other foreign state media such as the British BBC, the Chinese CCTV, the French television channel France 24, the German radio station Deutsche Welle, are not registered in this quality.

Editor-in-chief of RT and Sputnik Margarita Simonyan stated that the TV channel chose between registration and criminal case, and congratulated “the American freedom of speech and everyone who still believes in it.”