Google search engine pre-named Vladimir Putin winner of the upcoming March 18 presidential election. When you enter the query “election 2018” in the query string, as in the query in English or German, the result page immediately appeared on the page of the issue: “The winner is Vladimir Putin.”

Issuance in Google refers to data “Wikipedia”. However, the article in the electronic encyclopaedia itself is devoted to the description of the election process, while the main candidates for voting are indicated in it.

Users of the social network “VKontakte” put forward the version that someone previously edited an article in Wikipedia, from which it derives information from Google. The material could indicate the results of the elections that had not yet taken place.

At 18:00 Moscow time, this information was not contained in the article “Presidential Elections in Russia (2018)” in Wikipedia. The Google search engine also stopped issuing the “result” of the upcoming elections.

The day before it became known that the electoral headquarters of the going to the elections as self-promoted Russian president Vladimir Putin has already collected more than 538 thousand signatures in his support.

A decision has been made to continue collecting signatures, having pre-printed 20,000 more signature sheets for 200,000 signatures, said the press secretary of Putin’s staff, Andrei Kondrashov .