Google confirms user data leakage due to software malfunction

File Reuters

UNITED STATES (VOP TODAY NEWS) – Google on Monday confirmed the disclosure of personal data of about 500 thousand users of the social network Google+ as a result of the failure of the program, the company said in a statement in its blog.

“We conducted a detailed analysis of the data two weeks before the error was corrected (in March 2018 – ed.) And found that the failure potentially affected the data of about 500 thousand Google+ users. Our analysis showed that 438 applications could use this data”, – the company said in a statement.

We are talking about these users, who were not marked as “public”, but, nevertheless, developers of applications for social networks got access to them.

This data includes additional user profile information, including name, email address, profession, gender, and age, the company clarifies, but does not contain post data, messages, account details, phone numbers or content from G Suite cloud services.

The company added that there is no evidence that at least one of the applications used the information received.

Earlier on Monday, the Wall Street Journal, citing sources and internal documents, Google reported a vulnerability on Google+ that could make the personal data of hundreds of thousands of users available to developers. It was reported in the message about the failure of the software from 2015 to March 2018. Sources clarified that after finding and correcting a crash, Google decided not to detect the problem due to concerns that this would lead to an investigation by regulators and cause reputational damage to the company.