Global warming of 4ºC could provoke a world war

UNITED STATES, WASHINGTON (VOP TODAY NEWS) — If humanity does not reduce its CO2 emissions by 2035, the average annual temperature will increase from 4.5 ° C to 5ºC, say the scientists. This could lead to global clashes.

Due to global warming, half of the population could perish due to climate anomalies incompatible with life, and the other half would launch an armed struggle for the remaining resources, which could provoke a world war, warn specialists.

Repeated extinctions

The Earth has experienced at least five massive extinctions of life. One of these – the disappearance of the dinosaurs – was caused by the fall of an asteroid while the others were caused by a rapid warming of the climate related to greenhouse gases.

Thus, an increase in the average annual temperature of 5ºC 252 million years ago has killed 96% of marine species and 73% of terrestrial species, says science journalist Peter Brannen in his book The Ends of the World. Given the current rate of global warming, the global temperature could increase by 4.5-5ºC by the end of the century, which would be very dangerous according to Australian scientists. This would be inevitable if humanity did not solve the problem of CO2 emissions over the next 16 years.

According to researchers, the share of renewable energy – wind, hydro, photovoltaic – in the energy landscape of all countries must increase by 2% per year. It will be too late to adopt measures to this effect after 2035. The timely efforts should make it possible to limit global warming to 2ºC by the end of the century. This level is considered relatively low risk . In this case, the impacts of climate change will be less serious and humanity will be able to control them.

A deadly heatwave

Swedish, Danish and British scientists are, however, more pessimistic. According to them, the changes caused by the less risky level of global warming could start processes that humanity will not be able to influence : the melting of permafrost, emissions of methane hydrates from the ocean floor and deforestation will increase. the average temperature of 3ºC or 4ºC additional. Most coral reefs will be destroyed, the coastline will be flooded and agriculture will suffer serious losses.

What’s more, part of the population will face an abnormal heat wave and considerable humidity. The human body is unable to cool effectively under such conditions, which is crucial for its survival.

This is why large equatorial territories could become uninhabitable.

Other regions will still be respirable but will face a significant increase in mortality due to thermal shocks. According to an international team of researchers, from 2031 to 2080 mortality due to the heat wave will surge: + 770% in Brazil, + 400-525% in the United States and + 400% in Europe.

A world on the brink of war

When the average annual temperature rapidly increased by 2ºC 128,000 years ago, the Neanderthals who lived on the territory of contemporary France were pushed to cannibalism.

Global warming has dramatically changed the landscape, and the plains have been replaced by forests where it was much harder to hunt. Fallow deer, small rodents, turtles and snakes have succeeded mammoths and reindeer in the diet of ancient men. This is why the Neanderthals were forced to build their reserves of animal protein at the expense of the weakest group.

There is doubt that global warming can today turn men into cannibals, but it could well provoke violent military conflicts. According to a study by researchers at Stanford University (USA), a rise in the average temperature of 2ºC (the most optimistic scenario) would increase the risk of armed conflicts around the world by 13%. If the Earth warms by 4ºC, this risk would be 26%. Moreover, after forming within isolated countries, these conflicts could result in a war of all against all.

According to experts, between 3% and 20% of all armed clashes in the world are linked to climate change. Even a small change in temperature and precipitation causes violence, ranging from personal conflicts to full-fledged wars . These events are most often noted in case of rapid and considerable rise in temperature.

According to an international team of researchers, this could be related to the fact that heat affects brain biochemistry by destroying the neuromediators that regulate emotions. Moreover, the high temperature favors the production of testosterone which influences the aggressiveness of the man. This is why, one regularly notices a maximum level of crimes and suicides during the periods of heat wave.

Diamonds in the sky?

It will be virtually impossible to stop the growth of annual temperature even if all the clauses of the Paris Agreement on the climate were respected , say the experts. However, this process could be slowed down: if greenhouse gas emissions were reduced significantly today, the average temperature on Earth would only increase by 2ºC by the end of the century (a relatively low risk level).

According to scientists, the most effective ways to combat global warming are the renunciation of personal cars and air flights, as well as the vegetarian diet. There are however more exotic proposals. For example, researchers at Harvard University in the United States suggest that a fine powder of diamonds and aluminum oxide be dispersed into the atmosphere to reduce the amount of sunlight reaching the Earth’s surface and thus cool the planet.

Almost no one doubts the effectiveness of this method, which is however too expensive. Even if cheap artificial diamonds were used (less than $ 100 per kilo), the final sum would be very impressive. To maintain solar radiation at the desired level, it will be necessary to disperse hundreds of thousands of tons of this powder annually.


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