Bingo’s most popular variety is the 90 ball game. There are less odds so it is more common for players to win at, even if it is just on a single line.

So why does 80 ball bingo exist? If it isn’t the most popular and there are less odds, why play?

Playing 80 Ball Bingo

80 ball bingo is a game that takes place over a 16×4 grid. There are 16 squares over 4 columns and 4 rows. To win, players need to match the numbers called the ones on their bingo ticket.

There are prizes available to players that cross off one horizontal line, two horizontal lines and the largest prize is awarded to the player that manages to cross off all 16 numbers. This is what’s called a full house or bingo.

Players put down a deposit and then will win a prize in accordance with how many lines they have matched. The 16×4 grid makes up one bingo ticket and players can place a stake on a total of five of these tickets.

This is very similar to other type of bingo only the odds are less in the favour of the individual player. This adds more to the stakes. Now we know how to play 80 ball bingo, where do you go to find a game?

Where to play 80 ball bingo

The great thing about online bingo is that there is no shortage of games and sites out there. Every site exists to provide a new version of the game. This means that there are plenty of bingo sites out there that provide 80 ball bingo.

These include:

  •         Bingoport
  •         William hill
  •         Legs 11
  •         888 Ladies
  •         Betfair

Now, new players have no excuse not to give 80 ball bingo a try. There’s plenty of it out there but why should someone play this variation over others?

Why play 80 ball bingo?

The first game of bingo contained 90 balls and this was the only variation. But 80 ball bingo provides much of the same feel as the 90 ball game just with lesser stakes. This makes it easy to get the hang of yet more competitive.

Another reason is that the game itself is much more colourful. To get people to play this new type of bingo game, its creators made the tickets and balls a much brighter colour. It almost resembled a lottery rather than a game of bingo.

Lastly, with its even grid shape of 4×4, there are more ways to match lines. Horizontally, diagonally or vertically, it all depends on how hard you want to make the game.


80 ball bingo is very similar to its 90 ball counterpart only it provides more competition and different variations.

If you want to give 80 ball bingo, it is now easier than ever to find a game and learn the rules.