The Federal Cartel Office of Germany suspected Facebook’s social network of abuse of its position to collect and process user data, Deutsche Welle reports.

According to the head of the department Andreas Mundt, the primary problem is collecting data outside the social network and linking them to Facebook accounts.

In particular, this applies to both company-owned services WhatsApp and Instagram, as well as web pages and third-party applications that Facebook can access via links.

“This happens even when the user does not click the” Like “button, but simply navigates to the web page into which this button is embedded,” Mundt said.

According to him, users do not give themselves an account of this. Moreover, they did not give Facebook the appropriate consent.

The official said that the scale and form of data collection violate the current European standards in this area.

In the summer, it was reported that Google could receive a fine of more than € 1 billion from the European Union for abusing its dominant position in the market.