Explanation of  dollar, and the Masons how writes the past history and futures.


The dollar has borne a very enigma that history and nowadays almost is not trusted by the people but that we will present you to make you believe the dollar is around the fact that the future brings us with his writings.

Many innocent Masonic died because state leaders were afraid that these will interpret the dollar. We can say that Masons were the ones who created everything around the dollar.

For creating the dollar were 55 delegates, and in those 39 delegates were selected from America, and one of these was Masonic.

“Benjamin Frenkly” was one of the only Masonic whose was given right  to  design  the dollar. He was taken more by all the design and the selection of symbols and figures.

Most of the figures were taken from the emblematic books which may be seen of men because at that time people could not read.

It was thought that it would be better, but still people can see images but it took a very long time before the people to understand what these figures interpreted.

The symbols on the dollar idea was for Masonic mese old was a tactic which followed from this, and very difficult for interpretation.

On one side is the unfinished pyramid which is above an eye and it is interpreted as God’s eye.

This is a way to express that something has been left unfinished.

Number 13 was one of the numbers that Masons konsidoronin as the number of the devil and is viewed with attention on the left side of the eagle has an olive branch which has 13 grains olive and on the other there are 13 arrows,

but be counted feather eagle there are 13 such dam, which has 13 stars above the eagle’s head can not be randomly selected,

13 lines having the eagle in the logo makes us believe that there is something associated with this number.

Eagle who was elected to the dollar symbol is an eagle “Turkish” which shows an insight and power of the United States of America.

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Masons are a group of people with a common purpose to act according to certain rules defined and extracted from human nature. Their goal is to create conditions on the planet as a living best place according to the needs presented by the most people. They believe in God and worship him doing rituals like drinking the blood of goats, which can ritual Masons do only the 30th degree of the above.

If you would ask a mason concerning the definition of freemasonry that he would respond “Masoneriaë a system of moral principles, hidden in allegory and illustrated by symbols.

Masonry had a root of the mason guilds of Europe and was therefore an organization of men. Several hundred years ago, some say that in 1703 he founded a women’s branch called Eastern Star.

Masons are considered as “link” conspiracy. The group also thought that conflicts with the Illuminati Masons or Illuminati and are in opposition to the Tripartite Commission.


(Ramazan Karasani/ Voice of People Today contributed to this article “Full explanation of dollar and the Masons, how they wrote the past history and futures”)