Baba Vanga, the blind Nostradamus of the Balkans, made some troubling predictions about World War Three that have sparked the imagination of conspiracy enthusiasts.


The prophetess, who died aged 85 in 1996, is alleged to have made hundreds of predictions about the future of humanity, with an 85 per cent accuracy rate, from her home in Petrich, Bulgaria.

On closer inspection of her predictions – courtesy of some creative internet sorts – it seems Baba Vanga also warned of conflict in Syria, nuclear war and the demise of the US president.

Her prophecies take on a new gravitas in the tumultuous global climate of recent months, and the persistent threats of nuclear war batted back and forth between North Korean and American administrations.

Vanga, a woman skilled in eloquent vagaries and nonchalant non-sequiturs, foretold that the world would be ravaged by war and transformed into a ‘wasteland almost entirely devoid of any form of life’, reports the Mirror.

According to Vanga this would be kick-started by the Arab Spring in 2010 and ensue after a showdown in Syria wherein ‘Muslims would use chemical warfare against Europeans’, eventually resulting in the establishment of a caliphate by 2043 with Rome at the centre.

She cited her own (uncorroborated) second sight when predicting that most people would die of skin cancer from chemical weapons – a horrific proposition that some fretful observers have compared to the recent sarin gas attack in Syria.

Troubled politicos also jumped on Vanga’s prediction that the 45th President would be faced with a crisis that would ‘bring the country down’.

Vanga, who is hailed in Russia as having paranormal powers of sight, supposedly prophecised 9/11 when she claimed ‘two steel birds’ would attack the ‘American brethren.

In 1989, she reportedly warned:

Horror, horror! The American brethren will fall after being attacked by the steel birds. The wolves will be howling in a bush, and innocent blood will be gushing.

Some also believe she predicted global warming when she foresaw ‘cold regions will become warm … and volcanoes will awaken’.

Moreover, Vanga’s followers say she predicted the 2004 Boxing Day tsunami, warning a ‘huge wave’ would descend on a ‘big coast, covering people and towns and [causing] everything to disappear under the water’.

In a bizarre leap, some have even suggested she predicted Brexit when she said Europe, as we know it, would ‘cease to exist’.

While her predictions may take on a posthumous poignancy and play on the tangible global tensions and public fear, Baba actually got her 1994 World Cup guess wrong, saying ‘two teams beginning with B’ would stand off.

In fact, Brazil beat Italy 3-2 on penalties. Case closed.

– Baba Vanga and her predictions that come true –

Anatoly Lyubchenko an Ukrainian businessman, said the conversation he had with the legendary blind Bulgarian prophetess Baba Vanga (Baba stands for grandmother), shortly before her death in which she predicts “many dead bodies”.

Vangelija Gušterova her real name but known worldwide as Baba Vanga, revealed to Lyubchenko these details about our near future, for which we may have preferred they were not shared with us.

According to her, the world is expecting a major flooding which will carry a “river of corpses”.

Multiple floods around the world will happen after the melting of snow and when the disaster passes and we think we’re safe, waiting for our even greater hell.

– Her predictions come true –

She foreseen a skin disease, an epidemic that is supposedly more dangerous than AIDS. Vanga supposedly predicted the death of Princess Diana, Hitler and Stalins inglorious end, the attack on New York’s World Trade Center, the collapse of the USSR, the date of death of the Bulgarian King Boris III., and the date of her own death.

She also predicted rise of ISIL as the birth of the Islamic State and also predicted a 2016 complete invasion of Europe by Arab Muslim population which in fact is already happening as you read this.

Baba Vanga Prediction Timeline:

2010: World War 3 begins in November 2010. Starting as a regular war, it will progress to a nuclear and chemical war. Vanga says the war will be finished by October 2014.

2011: As a result of the war, radioactive showers will destroy almost all life in the Northern Hemisphere. The remaining Europeans will face an even further threat from the Muslims who will use chemical weapons to finish them off.

2014: As another result of the chemicals and nuclear weapons during the war, most of the world population will have skin cancer and other skin diseases.

2016: Europe is nearly uninhabited.

2023: The Earth’s orbit will change.

2028: A new energy source will be found. Hunger is overcome. A manned space flight will leave for Venus.

2033: The world water levels will rise as the polar ice caps melt.

2043: Economy is good. The Muslims will run Europe.

2046: All bodily organs can be reproduced, becoming the easiest and most popular method of treatment.

2066: The U.S. uses a new climate-changing weapon(The Sharp Cooling-Instant Freezin’) on Muslim controlled Rome.

2084: Nature is reborn.(??)

2088: A new disease makes you grow old in seconds.

2097: The Fast-Aging Disease is cured.

2100: Man-made sun is lighting up the dark side of the planet.

2123: Wars between small countries. The big countries stay out of it.

2125: Signals from Space will be received in Hungary.

2130: With the help of the aliens, civilizations will live underwater.

2164: Animals turn half-human.

2167: A new religion.

2170: Major drought.

2183: A colony on Mars will become a nuclear power and ask for independance from Earth. (Like the U.S. asked from England.)

2187: 2 large volcanic eruptions will be successfully stopped.

2195: The sea colonies will have energy and food.

2196: Asians and Europeans will be completely mixed.

2201: Temperatures drop as the sun’s thermonuclear processes slow down.

2221: In the search for extra-terrestrial life, humans will come in contact with something terrible.

2256: A spaceship will bring a new disease to Earth.

2262: Planets will slowly change orbits. Mars will be threatened by a comet.

2271: Physics laws will be changed.

2273: White, black and yellow races will form 1 new race.

2279: Power will be obtained from nothing. (Possibly a vacuum or a black hole.)

2288: Possible time travel and alien contact.

2291: The sun grows cooler. Attempts will be made to make it hot again.

2296: Strong explosions in the sun. The forces of gravity will change. Old space stations and satellites will fall.

2299: In France, a resistance movement will rise against Islam.

2302: Important laws and secrets of the universe are revealed.

2304: Secrets of the Moon are also revealed.

2341: Something terrible will approach Earth from Space.

2354: An accident on the artificial sun will result in drought.

2371: World hunger.

2378: A new and fast-growing race.

2480: 2 artificial (man-made) suns will collide and leave the Earth in the dark.

3005: A war on Mars will change the trajectory of the planet.

3010: A comet will hit the moon. The Earth will be surrounded by a ring of rock and ash.

3797: By this time, everything on Earth will die. However, human civilization will be advanced enough to move to a new star system.

3803: A new planet is populated by little. Fewer contacts between people. Climate new planet affects the organisms of people – they mutate.

3805: The war between humans for resources. More than half of people dying out.

3815: The war is over.

3854: The development of civilization virtually stops. People live flocks as beasts.

3871: New prophet tells people about moral values, religion.

3874: New prophet receives support from all segments of the population. Organized a new church.

3878: along with the Church to re-train new people forgotten sciences.

4302: New cities are growing in the world. New Church encourages the development of new technology and science.

4302: The development of science. Scientists discovered in the overall impact of all diseases in organism behavior.

4304: Found a way to win any disease.

4308: Due to mutation people at last beginning to use their brains more than 34%. Completely lost the notion of evil and hatred.

4509: Getting to Know God. The man has finally been reached such a level of development that can communicate with God.

4599: People achieve immortality.

4674: The development of civilization has reached its peak. The number of people living on different planets is about 340 billion. Assimilation begins with aliens.

5076: A boundary universe. With it, no one knows.

5078: The decision to leave the boundaries of the universe. While about 40 percent of the population is against it.

5079: End of the World.

Grandmother Vanga, born Vangeliya Pandeva Dimitrova, known after her marriage as Vangelia Gushterova, was a blind Bulgarian mystic, clairvoyant, and herbalist, who spent most of her life in the Rupite area in the Kozhuh mountains Bulgaria. Wikipedia



(Francesca Donovan for and Wilk Vatroslawski for contributed to this report)