Former Fox News presenter reported Trump’s attempt to kiss her on the lips

Ex-leading American television channel Fox News Juliet Huddy said that US President Donald Trump about 10 years ago tried to kiss her on the lips, reported The Hill. According to her, it happened “in 2005 or in 2006” in the skyscraper “Trump Tower”.

“He invited me to lunch at the Trump Tower, where we were alone.” Then he said goodbye to me in the elevator while his guard stood nearby, and instead of kissing me on the cheek, he leaned over to kiss me on the lips. I was not offended, I thought: “My God!”, quotes the edition of Huddy.

She added that she did not feel threatened, but was surprised that Trump tried to kiss her.

“It was a strange moment, after that he never tried to do something else, and I never stayed alone with him,” Huddy explained.

Headquarters Hillary Clinton during the presidential race actively used to reduce Trump’s rating his scabrous statements about women committed in 2005 in a private conversation with one of the leading US television channel NBC, Billy Bush, who filmed them.

These statements of the presidential candidate were made public by the Washington Post. Trump brought a public apology, saying that he regretted what he said. His wife Melanie called these statements “babbling guys.”

However, later a number of American media distributed a series of stories of various women who allegedly were molested by the billionaire.