UNITED STATES – The head of the US company SpaceX Elon Musk named the date of the first launch of the new superheavy rocket Falcon Heavy – it is planned that the rocket will start on February 6.

“We expect [to produce] the first launch of Falcon Heavy on February 6 from the launch pad of the Apollo 39A Space Center named after John F. Kennedy,” wrote Mask on January 27 in his Twitter.

Earlier, that SpaceX could launch Falcon Heavy on February 6, said Chris Gebhard, a journalist with the NASA Spaceflight network portal, tracking the preparations for various space launches and tests.

SpaceX on Wednesday reported the successful ground fire test of Falcon Heavy engines. Ground test of the rocket engines was held at the site of the John F. Kennedy Space Center in Florida.

During this operation, which lasted about 10 seconds, all 27 engines located in the lower stage of Falcon Heavy were tested. Earlier this test was postponed several times.

Falcon Heavy was created on the basis of the Falcon 9 booster rocket. It is supposed that it will be able to deliver a cargo weighing more than 54 tons into orbit.

As reported in SpaceX, Falcon Heavy with a starting thrust of more than 2,2 thousand tons will be the most powerful of the rockets in operation in the world.