FINAL PHOTOS Of People Taken Seconds Before Tragedy

Shocking pictures that were sadly taken right before the tragic death of the person in front of the camera.

By Nerti U. Qatja@VOP_Today

Death waits for no one. A person’s time on this planet is finite, with few ever able to predict their final moments ahead of time. It becomes something of a creepy, unsettling irony, then, on the rare occasions when those final moments are captured on camera and can live on well past the expiry date of their subject. Indeed, there is an inherent morbid curiosity in people that draws us to tragedy and instills a fascination with the idea of mortality. It is why people were abuzz upon the circulation of a picture, now confirmed as a fake hoax, that seemed to depict a tourist standing on the observation deck of the World Trade Center with an incoming plane – set to hit the tower – visible in the background.

The following list offers 10 instances of the final moments of a person’s (or people’s) life chronicled through a chilling and very real photo.

In each case, the subject captured is either happily oblivious to their forthcoming doom or just in the process of recognizing the dreary nature of their horrifying situation.

One can’t help but look at these images and consider the fleeting, tenuous nature of life – enjoying a Kodak moment in one instant and meeting your end in the next.

These morbid images have never been more prevalent or easily accessible. The present selfie generation has been called vain and self-indulgent, but it is also one adept at capturing moments.

Many of these images come from people who feel compelled to chronicle every possible aspect of their lives, often to their own detriment. In fact, this list reveals multiple instances of how selfies can go ever so wrong. The ability to post photos immediately from you phone and onto a wide array of social media sites enables an immediacy to communication that wasn’t available in the past.

The below list even includes a tragic car crash that could be connected to the driver’s posting of a selfie within a minute.

The selfie-related tragedies prompt a particularly headshake-worthy rebuke as an ego-centric trend that hardly seems as though it should factor into life and death, but this list accounts for a wide array of emotional responses.

Some of the below entries evoke pity for what’s to come for the unsuspecting photo subject, some are chilling in their candid clarity, some prompt a sensation of panic-stricken stress as viewers see what terrible fate awaits on the cusp of the photo’s action and some represent a much-needed symbol of a happier time or one final glimpse at a full of life subject.

There’s an unmistakably bittersweet sensation associated with seeing these photos and knowing the ultimate fate of the subjects.

These people look alternately lively and blissfully unaware of what doom awaits them, and dreadfully hopeless in full understanding of their dire circumstances.

It is both sobering and poignant to think that these photos have been able to live on and tell a story that their subjects were unable to.