David Icke says Facebook is ‘unpublishing’ or ‘deleting’ his facebook page.

He said on facebook:


Just to let you know that Facebook have said they are unpublishing this David Icke page – deleting it in other words – with its more than 700,000 likes and growing every day.

I know Facebook have been wanting to get rid of me for a long time and they claim the permanent ban is for consistently breaking their codes.

This means posting things that are not acceptable to those that really control Facebook behind the T-shirt, ‘hey, man’, image that it works so hard to cultivate. The page is still here for now and we’ll have to see what happens.

If the page is taken down please circulate the information far and wide and the reason – the blatant censorship of someone successfully exposing the global tyranny of which Facebook is an important strand.

Please circulate all over social media and Facebook if the page goes down. It is a MASSIVE testament to what Facebook is really all about and the scale of censorship to which the public is now being subjected.

If the page is deleted as they say go to Davidicke.com/headlines.

best wishes,