Explosion rocked a shopping center in Colombian capital

An explosion in Colombian capital, on Saturday left several people killed and injured.



Three people were killed in one of Colombia’s biggest shopping malls Saturday after a homemade bomb placed in the women’s bathroom exploded.

Police say the explosive that killed 3 and wounded 9 others was possibly made of ammonium nitrate.

Witnesses say they were evacuated from the Centro Andino Mall, a shopping center located in Colombia’s capital, after the blast.

Emergency units rushed to the scene and the injured were taken to a nearby hospital where two victims later died.

Mayor Enrique Penalosa called the attack a “cowardly terrorist bombing,” which turned the focus on the National Liberation Army which is the last rebel movement still active in Colombia. ELN, as it is also known by, has had a history of attacks in the capital of Bogota but the rebel group’s leaders denied any involvement in Saturday’s bombings.

Latest information reports for at least three women to be dead following the huge blast. According to media this is the latest update.

A powerful explosion has rocked a shopping center in the tourist district of the Colombian capital, Bogota. Several people were caught in the blast, with gruesome images appearing on social media amid mass evacuation, reported RT news agency on Sunday.

Bogota’s mayor, Enrique Peñalosa, has called the explosion a “cowardly terrorist attack.” Ambulances and fire engines are working at the scene, and the entire mall has reportedly been evacuated.

“A coward terrorist attack in Centro Andino hurts me. There is one woman dead and… 11 injured,” Peñalosa wrote on Twitter.

Peñalosa also said that the victim was a 23-year-old French woman.

The explosion rocked a shopping center, the city’s mayor announced that it was a terrorist attack.