Explosion at an nightclub in Malmo, Sweden — reports

Reports of an explosion at the entrance to a nightclub in Malmo, Sweden. Several high bangs have been heard in central Malmö – and the entrance to the nightclub Babel has been blown, reported .

The police have been locked around the house and are now scanning the premises.

On social media people write about the high bang, which should have been so powerful that squares shattered.

No person was injured.

Several people were bothered by one or more high bangs in central Malmö on Thursday night. The alarm arrived shortly after 00.30.

At the same time, there was a warning about a fire at the nightclub Babel in Malmö.

On the spot, you see how the entrance to Babel has been blown and the police have barred the area.

Also, emergency services are in place. On Twitter they find that it has not begun to burn after the explosion and that no person has been injured.

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