American physicist Sean Carroll studied the question of the possibility of life after death for many years. Today he speaks with confidence: it is impossible! And he explains why.

Today, the scientist firmly believes that human consciousness can not exist without a body, writes The Daily Star.

Carroll introduced consciousness as the flow of electrons and atoms in the human brain. After death, the organ can not reproduce the particles; accordingly, life ends on the Earth and can not exist outside of it from the point of view of the standard physical model.

However, although Carrol’s explanations are quite logical, not all his colleagues agree with them. More recently, American scientists have found that even after a clinical death, the activity of the cerebral cortex remains. As a rule, doctors state death immediately after cardiac arrest.

As it turned out, at the first stage of death a person can remain in consciousness . An example of this was when after a cardiac arrest, which was soon re-launched, people could describe what was happening around.

But that’s not all. Some scientists believe that the death of a person passes into another world – in parallel. At least, so says the well-known theorist of biocentrism, professor of the medical school of the University of North Carolina Robert Lanz. Everything that we see exists because of our consciousness, the scientist believes. The moment of death is only a hallucination caused by conscience.