Executive pics: Inside Donald Trump’s luxurious 1980’s Cadillac 

It was the ultimate must-have 80s car, with its own fax machine, television, paper shredder and drinks cabinet designed exclusively for president-elect Donald Trump.


UNITED STATES, (Telegraph) – Now the 1988 5.0 litre Cadillac Limousine belongs to an owner in Gloucestershire who is looking to sell the unique car.

Cadillac exclusively designed the cars for the billionaire businessman and it’s thought they’re the first cars to have Trump branding.

The Trump Limo was meant to have been the “best limo in the world” with rosewood interiors and was equipped with a fax machine, television and VCR and a paper shredder.

A similar car was last seen in Massachusetts with a price tag of £55,000 with 22,000 miles on the clock.

It also had an early cell phone, a built-in safe, writing desks and  a cabinet with glasses.

It is believed Mr Trump ordered two Cadillac limousines known as the Trump Executive Series and the Trump Golden Series.

He allegedly got Cadillac to build them for him by agreeing to order another 50 of the limos but these were never made.