The 28-member European Union on Thursday gave the green light to new sanctions against Venezuela over opposition repression, the first to target senior officials in President Nicolas Maduro’s regime, a European source told AFP news agency.

Several diplomatic sources said Wednesday that the sanctions would target seven senior Maduro officials. The European Union’s “restrictive measures”, which were decided on Thursday at the ambassadorial level, usually freeze assets and deny officials visas to the European Union.

The EU is expected to adopt the resolution most likely from Monday at a meeting of foreign ministers in Brussels.

The identities of the new targets will be published in the official European newspaper.

In November, the union declared a “ban on arms and related materials that could be used for internal repression.”

But the European Union is reluctant to add figures to its black list in the hope of encouraging the regime to engage in genuine dialogue with the opposition. New talks are scheduled for Thursday in the Dominican Republic.

A European diplomatic source said the aim of the sanctions was to “support the process of dialogue.”