EU plans to extend sanctions against Russia

President of the Council of Europe, Donald Tusk, said EU leaders will discuss the implementation of the Minsk agreements on Ukraine in the course of the summit on Thursday to extend sanctions on Russia.

A senior EU source said earlier in the day that the bloc planned to extend sanctions against Russia, which expires in early 2018.

“During the working dinner, we expect French President Emmanuel Macaron and German Chancellor Angela Merkel to review the situation concerning the implementation of the Minsk Agreements (on Ukraine), which will provide an opportunity to extend the sanctions against Russia after the summit at the technical level,” the source said.

The validity of economic sanctions against Russia expires in late January 2018.

Russia has repeatedly stated earlier that it is not a party to the internal Ukrainian dispute, or a party to the Minsk agreements on the settlement in Ukraine, and that the sanctions imposed on them are illegal and will not result in any result.