EU is investigating the piracy of “thousands” of diplomatic cables

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UNITED STATES (VOP TODAY NEWS) — The European Union announced an urgent inquiry Wednesday after suspected Chinese military pirates entered thousands of sensitive diplomatic cables.

A unit of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) is operating under orders from the government, which broke through a secure communications network used by the European Union to coordinate foreign policy.

The New York Times has published a number of these cables, one of the EU’s diplomatic missions around the world, and shows concern over how to deal with US President Donald Trump as well as concerns about the actions of China, Russia and Iran.

The company said that in addition to the European Union, the attack was aimed at the United Nations.

European officials have said they have launched an investigation into the leaks that come as Europe is on the alert for any harmful online activity ahead of the main parliamentary elections in May next year.

“The Council secretariat is aware of allegations of possible diversion of sensitive information and is actively investigating this issue,” the EU Council said.

According to Arya 1 Security, the hackers were able to access the diplomatic communications network through an e-mail campaign targeting the Cypriot Foreign Ministry with e-mails aimed at deceiving the ministry to download piracy tools.

As soon as they entered the European Union system, the pirates entered thousands of diplomatic cables, mostly classified as low-security, according to the New York Times, which provided the company with 1100 telegrams published by a group of them.

Many of these cables are regular reports from missions around the world that include details of talks with leaders or officials, the paper said.

But it also includes analyzes of global policy trends and trade, especially China’s changing role under President Xi Jinping, relations with Russia and the United States, and glimpses of closed meetings.

In a telegram, the European Union diplomatic mission in Moscow described the controversial summit in Helsinki last July between Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin as “successful (at least for Putin).”

Another cable of details of a meeting with President Shi severely attacks Trump’s trade tactics and says the United States “behaves as though fighting in a boxing game with no rules.”

There is also widespread reports of the situation in Ukraine, where a conflict is raging between government forces and pro-Russian separatists, including a warning dating back to February that Moscow may have deployed nuclear warheads in the Crimean region it annexed in 2014.


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