President of Turkey Tayyip Erdogan considers unconvincing the Pentagon’s assurances that the US is not involved in the withdrawal of several dozen Islamic state militants from Syria.

Erdogan recalled that the United States is participating in a ground operation alongside the forces of self-defense of the Syrian Kurds (YPG). Turkey classifies them as terrorists linked to the Kurdistan Workers Party banned in the country.

“There are also reports that they are paying the YPG terrorists, who have transferred 3,500 trucks with armored vehicles and other weapons,” the Sabah newspaper quotes the president as saying.

He added that the US has thirteen military bases in Syria. “With these facts, how persuasive are the US, who say they do not participate in this matter, but simply watch it?” “Erdogan told reporters on board the aircraft, returning from a tour of Russia, Kuwait and Qatar.

The Turkish leader recalled that Ankara had called on Washington for a joint operation against the IG * in Rakka and Manbije. “However, we were not able to convince them, instead, the US decided to fight with the help of one terrorist group against another,” the president added.

On Tuesday, the British BBC television and radio company reported that the Arab-Kurdish groups supported by the “Syrian Democratic Forces” (SDF) helped about 250 militants of the IG * withdraw from Rakki. The Syrian authorities said that the coalition did this for the terrorists who left Deir ez Zor. The UN Secretary-General and the President of the Security Council were informed about what happened.

The Pentagon confirmed the withdrawal from Rakka of about 300 IG fighters * under the agreement between the SDF and the city council, but denied allegations that the coalition was one of the parties to the deal.