Equifax has taken a customer help page on its website offline as its security team investigates another potential cyber breach.

Equifax has been hacked again, this time by a link that will download a form of malware onto customers’ computers. The hack occurred a month after the company admitted a breach that exposed the Social Security numbers and birth dates of more than 145.5 million Americans.

The website has been at least partially taken down.

Security analyst Randy Abrams broke the story on his blog, writing that as he tried to download his credit report from the Equifax site, he clicked a link that took him to a third-party website.

It was “one of the ubiquitous fake Flash Player Update screens,” he reported, according to the Los Angeles Times.

The company said it shut down one of its customer help online pages and is actively investigating the breach.

CNBC reported that the problem is in the credit report assistance link on its website. An Equifax spokesman told CNBC that the IT and security teams are looking into the matter and took down the site as a precaution.