Egypt’s double-standard in its dealing with the Palestinian cause

A new media report reveals Egypt’s double-standard in its dealing with the Palestinian cause, reports PressTV.

It says Cairo quietly sought to convince Egyptians to accept the U-S recognition of Jerusalem al-Quds as Israel’s capital, while publicly condemning the move.

The New York Times has obtained audio tapes in which an Egyptian intelligence officer is found asking the public to downplay the significance of the U-S president’s decision.

While speaking at different talk shows, Ashraf al-Kholi, warns that the unrest over Washington’s move would only harm Egypt’s national interests. He also questions the significance of the holy city as the future capital of a Palestinian state, saying there’s no difference between Jerusalem al-Quds and Ramallah.

In response to Donald Trump’s move, Egypt publicly slammed the decision as a violation of international resolutions.

The new revelation is yet another testimony of secret deals between Israel and certain Arab states.

Israeli leaders have long said that Tel Aviv has been quietly cultivating ties with powerful Arab states like Egypt and Saudi Arabia.