Easy ways you need to do, to stop your cell phone from spying on you

Millions of Americans bow down to their smart phone, tweeting, typing and texting their politics, social grievances, emotional explosions, insecurities, purchases, investments, health concerns, musical tastes, children’s photos, travels, food cravings, collaborations, loves, hates and just about anything else imaginable.

Most users know, and may not care, that the data they share is quickly sold to high tech marketers looking to make a buck by offering the user hyper-personalized products.

But do you want the CIA tracking you as well?

As we reported Wikileaks has produced proof of the CIA’s ability to “identify and exploit vulnerabilities for the purpose of secretly collecting data on individuals” from “85% of the world’s smart phones.”

The common link among these devices is that they run on the Android operating system by Google.

Samsung phones and Sony phones are among those mentioned, along with certain social messaging apps like Clockman, Weibo and WhatsApp.

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