Easter Island Heads Have A Surprise – Their Bodies

The Secret Of Easter Island Mystery Solved! The Easter Island Heads Have Bodies Too. Are the bodies of the giant Easter island heads hiding beneath the ground?

By Nerti U. Qatja@VOP_Today

I was sent this image from Adam one of my Hoax Factor Subscribers on Facebook who asked me if it were true, that there were bodies attached to the heads at Easter Island lurking below the earth’s surface.

Even though I’m a car insurance salesman by day, I’m a hoax buster by night. It sure is a lot more fun to do this than run car insurance quotes all day long.

As you can see, the lead text to the article attached to the image says…Archaeologists have known since 1919 that Easter Island heads have bodies. Did you?

The image even though its an artists rendition is compelling. 2 Stone faced maoi are shown above the ground, but the massive shoulders imply a giant lurks below.

Its time for some questions.

#1 Is it true that the Easter Island Heads have bodies and Archaeologists have known about this since 1919?

#2 How big and tall is an Easter Island Maoi when its fully unearthed?

#3 Where can I get cheap airline tickets to see these in person? because drinking my redbull and vodka out of this mug so I can work all night isn’t cutting it anymore!

Easter Island is located in the southeastern pacific ocean. It is most famous for a collection of 887 giant statues called Moai that were built by the Rapa Nui People.

The island got its name from a Dutch explorer who f irst encountered the island on Easter Sunday in 1722.

Polynesian people settled the island sometime between 700 and 1100 CE.

The Maoi were created by these Polynesian settlers sometime between 1250 and 1500 CE.

Most were created at the main Moai quarry Rano Raraku with hundreds later moved and set on stone platforms (ahu) all around the island.

These stoic faced statues are thought to be symbols of power and authority and might hold both religious and political symbolism as well.

Most were built with over sized heads (3/8 the size of the whole statue) and a lot of focus has been on the 150 statues on the slope of the volcano that just happen to be buried in the ground up to their heads. Both of these facts has lead many people to believe they are just heads, which is why they are usually referred to as the Easter Island Heads.

But to answer the question. Yes they do have bodies. And this fact has been known since 1914, 5 years earlier than what was stated on the image.

#2 How big and tall is an Easter Island Maoi when its fully unearthed?

Out of the 887 Moai on the island all but 53 of the statues were carved out of compressed volcanic ash.

The average Moai stands about 13 feet tall and are over 5 feet wide at the base and top the scales at a whopping 13.8 tons each.

The tallest of the Moai is a statue called Paro and it is almost 33 feet high and weighs over 80 tons. One statue that was never finished would have topped out at almost 70 feet tall and weigh over 270 tons.

Some of the more interesting things discovered about these mysterious creations.

The eye sockets were designed to hold coral eyes with black obsidian or scoria pupils. This is a photo of the statue Ahu Tahai with replica eyes in place.

The article also stated that the Moai were covered in petroglyphs. This is true. In 1914 an expedition held by Katherine Routledge determined that the designs on the Maoi had a definite cultural link tied to the island inhabitants tattooing traditions.

But most interesting of all…

The statues may have also been created as a spiritual plea to the gods to undo the ravages of leprosy that had been experienced there.

According to Dr Annelise Pontius, certain characteristics of the Moai represent signs of leprosy in a reversed or over corrected form like pronounced stylized nostrils vs a nose’ cartilage destroyed by leprosy.

The Moai also had upward placing of the lips with no teeth visible.

Instead of Lower hanging lips and visible teeth due to facial paralysis.

Whatever the reasons for their being created we will never know for sure, but the Rapa Nui left us plenty to talk about.

#3 Where can I get cheap airline tickets to see these in person? because drinking my red bull and vodka out of this mug so I canwork all night isn’t cutting it anymore!

Well…Easter Island is one of the most remote inhabited islands in the world so cheap airline tickets are probably out of the questions and I’m all out of vacation time …so its another night of drowning with my little moai buddy.

So to wrap this up!

To call the image a fake is a bit harsh, so we will just go with it being an artistic interpretation of the Moai…the story is real, but somewhat factually inaccurate.

The Moai do have bodies, but Archaeologist have known about them since 1914, not 1919.