Friday, January 19, 2018
Donald Trump Sweeps all Five States, but Cruz ?

Donald Trump Sweeps all Five States, but Cruz ?

So GOP candidate Donald Trump had a pretty good night Tuesday after sweeping all five states and inching closer to the presidential nomination.

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While this sort of victory is impressive, it seems the real news of the evening is how Sen. Ted Cruz performed.

Which wasn’t good.

From BizPacReview:

Donald Trump moved closer to becoming the Republican presidential nominee after sweeping all five states in Tuesday’s primaries, but the bigger story may be how poorly rival Ted Cruz fared.

While Trump garnered more than 60 percent of the vote in several states, Cruz came in third behind John Kasich in four of the five states up for grabs and only topped 20 percent in Pennsylvania, the one state he was able to best the Ohio governor.

Meanwhile, Trump is expected to score an overwhelming majority of the 118 delegates at stake in last night’s contests, according to The Hill.

“Sen. Cruz and Gov. Kasich should really get out of the race, they have no path to victory and honestly they should get out of the race,” the real estate tycoon said at a press conference. “We should heal the Republican party, bring the Republican Party back together.”

But Cruz has no such plans of bowing out.

“Tonight, Donald Trump is expected to have a good night,” he said. “He’s likely to win some states and the media is going to have heart palpitations this evening. And the media is going to say the race is over. The media is going to say Donald Trump is the Republican nominee.”

“Everyone of them are ready for Hillary,” Cruz concluded.

Trump is expected to have 949 delegates after this latest sweep, meaning he needs an additional 288 to secure the nomination.

Cruz finishing behind Kasich is simply horrible. There’s absolutely no other way to describe it. However, it’s not exactly shocking to see the Ohio governor fair so well seeing as a majority of the states were in the New England area and are known to be pretty watery when it comes to conservative values.

That being said, it’s looking more and more likely Trump will be our nominee, which honestly at this point makes the general election look pretty bleak for constitutionalists and conservatives.

Donald Trump Sweeps all Five States, but Cruz...

Trump does not poll well against Hillary, so there’s a good chance we’ll have a corrupt criminal back in the White House if this scenario continues to play out.