Do You Know Why Are There Bumps On The ‘F’ and ‘J’ On A Computer Keyboard?

Contrary to widespread misapprehension, the tactile aids were not created to help blind people type.

The ridges found on the F and J buttons on a computer keyboard are designed to help users locate the correct keys without looking down.

By Nerti U. Qatja | @nertiqatja | @VOP_Today

The reason why only these keys have ridges is to help users place their hands in the optimum typing position.

With your index fingers on the two ridged keys – your left hand covers A,S, D and F while the right covers J,K,L and colon.

Both thumbs then rest on the space bar.

Others adaptations have also been attempted to increase the speed and accuracy of a keyboard user, such as raising the edges of the A,F,J and semi-colon keys.

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She in fact registered a patent for raising the edges of the A, F, J and semi-colon keys.