Dialog with the US ‘a poisoned solution’ – Iran

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IRAN (VOP TODAY NEWS) — “There will be no war; the resistance remains the final option of the Iranian people with the United States, “says the Leader of the Islamic Revolution.

During a hearing given to leaders of the Islamic order, the leader of the Islamic Revolution, Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei, said there will be no war.

“The best option of the Iranian people is the resistance against the United States and in this face-to-face, it is the United States will be forced to backtrack,” said Ayatollah Khamenei.

“This confrontation is not military; because it is not established that a war will be unleashed. Nobody seeks war, neither us nor them. They know they would have no interest in starting a war. This confrontation is that of wills, and our will is the strongest. Because we submit to the decree of God, which further strengthens our will.”

Elsewhere in his remarks, the Leader explained why it is not wise to negotiate with the United States:

“Some inside the country say: but what is the problem with the negotiations? Negotiation is like a poison. And as long as the current government stays in power in the United States, negotiating with Washington will be doubly poisoned.”

From the perspective of the Leader of the Islamic Revolution, the Americans, far from wanting to respect the principles of dialogue, focus on our strengths.

“They propose to negotiate on our defensive armament:” Negotiate on your defensive armament, let’s talk! Why do you manufacture missiles of this or that range? Reduce the range [of your missiles], so that you can not fight back and hit our [military] base if we hit yours. “Well, it goes without saying that no wise and patriotic Iranian will agree to negotiate his own strengths. Or they say, “Negotiate about your strategic depth”; which means: agree to give up your strategic depth too.”

On this background, the Leader felt that dialogue would not be wise, especially with the current US administration which respects no principle.

Ayatollah Khamenei added:

“There is no doubt that American hostility, which has been witnessed since the early days of the Islamic Revolution, has today adopted a very obvious character. This hostility has always existed before, but it has never been so explicit as it is today. Today they clearly show it and allow themselves to threaten clearly. And it should be remembered that anyone who threatens loudly, his real power is not up to his voice.”

“They [US officials] respect the interests of the Israeli regime more than any other state. It is the Zionists who have control over a lot of things [in the United States]. Americans need to make noise. They say that their behavior has changed [that of] Iran! Well, yes, they are somewhere right; in that the hatred of the Iranian people towards America is 10 times greater than before. This change can be seen in the fact that their goal of undermining the interests of the IAM is becoming more and more inaccessible every day. This change can also be seen in the fact that the desire of our younger generation to preserve the country’s guidelines has increased, as has the vigilance of our security and military forces.”

“Look at how much the enemies are wrong in their assessment of the situation. Their president says: There is a protest every Friday in Tehran against the ruling order. Whereas firstly, it is not Fridays, but Saturdays; and secondly, it is in Paris and not in Tehran.”


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