The Turkish Forces and the Free Syrian Army have coordinated their tactics to purge the Syrian city of Afrin of the Kurdish People’s Protection Units, the Hobart Turk channel reported on Thursday (January 18th).

According to the Turkish channel, the military identified 7 main corridors east of Afrin, which will pass through the Turkish armored units of the Turkish forces and the forces of the “Syrian Free Army” to enter the city.

The Turkish news agency reported that the Syrian forces, divided into four combat units, were deployed near the Turkish border in preparation for an order to begin moving towards Afrin, noting that 12 parts of the concrete wall were dismantled on the Syrian-Turkish border.

The Turkish General Staff deployed along the border with Syria military garrisons, artillery batteries equipped with Hautser guns, self-propelled guns and rockets.

In conjunction with the military reinforcements on the Afrin-Izzaz-Grapples line, the Turkish military continues their talks with the two opposing militant groups on the Afrin-Idlib line.

The channel explained that these organizations have expressed their consent to contribute to the invasion of Afrin, provided clear coordination between the forces included in the process.

The Turkish government has stepped up its efforts to prepare for the Afrin operation after the authorization of Colonel Thomas Phil, a spokesman for the US military, who announced the plan of the international coalition against Daesh led by Washington to form a “border security force” in Syria, which is expected to include 30 thousand fighters.

In response to the decision, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan accused the United States of forming a terrorist army at the borders of his country and promised to eliminate the force that Washington intends to form from Syrian Kurdish factions to control the border between Turkey and northeastern Syria. He also announced the completion of preparations of his armed forces to launch a military operation targeting the city of Afrin.

For his part, US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said Wednesday (January 17th) that his country does not intend to establish any border force in Syria, adding that the statement on this subject was filmed and defined in a wrong way.