Demonstration in Madrid to protest the performance of the Spanish Supreme Court

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UNITED STATES (VOP TODAY NEWS) — About 300 people demonstrated on Saturday in front of the Spanish Supreme Court in Madrid to protest against the performance of the Spanish judiciary and to demand the release of Catalan separatists who have been detained for more than a year.

The demonstration was organized by about 100 organizations from various regions of Spain and supported by the Catalan separatist party under the slogan “There is no justice”.

Protesters condemned the arrest of rapists Pablo Hassel and Fletunik on the backdrop of songs considered terrorist.

“A judicial class is hunting down the singers (singers on Twitter), the singers and the activists who dare to express their opposition to the regime,” said Lucia Nestal, a gathering of university polls about the trade-off between the royal and republican regimes in Spain. Always in the interest of banks.”

Protesters protest in particular the decision of the Supreme Court, which fell in November to oblige banks, not borrowers, to pay the mortgage tax.

The Socialist government headed by Pedro Sanchez responded to the court’s decision to issue a decree requiring banks to pay this tax in the future without any retroactive effect.

In front of the Supreme Court, protesters chanted “Freedom for political prisoners”.

In 2019, the Court issues its verdict in the case of the Catalan separatist leaders who, in October 2017, organized a referendum on self-determination that Madrid considered illegal and ended with a loose declaration of an independent “Catalan Republic” which was not recognized by any state.

The prosecution demanded that they be punished by imprisonment for between 7 and 25 years and charged with a controversial charge of “disobedience” and a “violent uprising”.

“In France, the movement of the yellow jackets and violence took place in the streets and nothing happened,” said 57-year-old Isabelle Iskierdo. “In Catalonia, the independence movement was peaceful, but they treat us like saboteurs, saboteurs and terrorists.


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