New Year’s solutions are a great opportunity to review yourself, evaluate their behavior and lifestyle in general, and we find those who are preparing a list of their goals in the New Year, among which we may find our personal pages on Facebook.

Indy100 said there are a number of publications that the owner should seriously consider closing his account if he is accustomed to publish it in 2017 in order to enjoy an account worthy of a new beginning for next year.

– Informed News –

A survey conducted by YouGov shows that 54% of users use social networking sites as a source of news, while only 24% can distinguish between correct and fabricated news, which does not increase the risk of misleading news on social networks. News is only from reliable media platforms.

– Myths –

To mention the publication of fabricated news, the publication of the statements can be harmful if the statements are not verified source, or attributed to non-respondents, which we have seen recently a lot in the status of Mufoula in the image of a celebrity of the people of great popularity, and circulated among users significantly.

– Going to spend a holiday –

The announcement of going on holiday before the implementation may make you easy Sidon easy for criminals, whether they are thieves or scammers, so try not to announce this only after returning from the trip, but must be made the publication limited to friends only and not to the public.

– Replicated publications –

Over the past year, we have been plagued with accounts that publish leaflets to be copied, pasted and not shared. The problem is that many of these publications promote rumors, including rumors about Facebook itself, that it will make money for money and other rumors.

– Complaint from your boss –

Complaining your boss will not improve your situation or solve your problems, but will cause more tension between the two of you, so it is best to solve problems in an amicable manner rather than on social networking pages.