Dark Secrets: Merkel’s Party Members Shock the World With Nazi-Style Video

Back in 2005, three young men, and recently full-fledged members of the German CDU party, recorded a video where they chant right-wing slogans and have fun demonstrating a swastika badge, German newspaper Das Bild reported.

By Nerti U. Qatja@VOP Today – Source: Sputnik News

After many years, the video leaked online and caused uproar all across the country.

Lukas Krieger, Danny Freymark and Christoph Brzezinski are young politicians, and so to say, the future of the Christian Democratic Union (CDU). However, their past seems to be full of dark secrets.

Instead of promoting Christian values and solidarity, the young people seemed to have other things to do during their time in school. During their trip to Riga in 2005, they recorded a shocking video where they were shouting racist slogans and calling a swastika badge in their hands “a badge of honor”.

The video first disappeared from public access, but then was again published online, raising criticism among German citizens and doubts about the political competence of CDU members.

Die Nazi-Party der CDU-Jungstars

Jugendsünde oder unverzeihlicher Fehler? Die ganze Story (inkl. vollständiges Video) von der Nazi-Party der Berliner CDU-Jungstars ab 0 Uhr auf bild.de (BILDplus) oder morgen in der B.Z.

Posted by Berlin investigativ on Tuesday, April 26, 2016

“To be Christian means that you eventually forgive when someone shows his/her remorse. The other question is whether the person is suitable for a public mandate,” CDU representative Michael Braun said.

At the same time, German website news.de wrote that “the three black sheep, actually, showed their remorse.” Surprisingly, Brzezinski has become a member of the German-Israeli Society, while Krieger and Freymark are involved in the promotion of a holocaust memorial.