The Syrian capital Damascus was again attacked by armed factions based in the eastern city of Ghouta on Sunday.

“The shelling targeted the neighborhood of the Abbasids and the sector, where the militants fired three shells, one of which fell in front of the Church of the Cross in the Abbasid neighborhood, and the other two the side of the civil defense in the Gaza Strip, causing damage to houses and property. there also are reports of human casualties,” reports SANA news agency.

The agency confirmed that the Syrian army responded to the bombing, with “accurate strikes” the sources of fire deep in the eastern Ghouta, and that the strikes resulted in losses among the militants.

According to Syrian opposition, Syrian forces “continue to bomb sites in the Ghouta of East Damascus, especially in the Harasta region, which in recent weeks has become the front line”

“Since November 14, the military has fired more than 19,000 shells into the area, and its aircraft have launched 700 air strikes,” they said.

It should be noted that the Ghouta of East Damascus is one of the areas to stop the escalation in Syria under the agreements of Astana, where he announced the cessation of fighting there in July.