The Swedish Embassy in Britain has taken the extraordinary step of condemning the Daily Mail for its ‘propaganda campaign’ against refugees by misusing Sweden as an example.

Daily Mail Online

By Political Scrapbook

A report by the embassy sent to the government stated:

Sweden is being used as a deterrent and an argument against allowing more refugees into the UK… The tabloid Daily Mail has launched a campaign against Swedish migration policy.

The Daily Mail characterises Sweden as naive, and an example of the negative consequences of a liberal migration policy.

The Daily Mail has been accused of running several misleading stories about the refugee crisis in recent months.

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Last month the Daily Mail blocked Swedish users from accessing several articles for legal reasons, which was misreported by other outlets as Swedish authorities blocking the Daily Mail for ideological reasons.

The report by the Swedish Embassy in London added:

Sweden has been seen as a pioneer symbolizing humanism, solidarity, transparency and has risen above all the challenges that Swedish society is facing with the large number of refugees.

It has now sent the report to the Swedish State Secretary Hans Dahlgren, according to The Local SE.

Might be easier to get blood out of stone, than getting the Daily Mail to be balanced.