Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies this time show brilliant results. Situations contributed to the message from South Korean markets that the country does not intend to completely ban the trade in digital currencies.

Ripple took off right after one of the largest money transfer systems MoneyGram announced a partnership with him.

Almost every fifteenth crypto currency grew against the dollar. This led to an increase in the total market capitalization of 74 billion dollars. This figure reached today 747 billion.

Market behavior. Bitcoin

Over the past 24 hours, bitcoin has grown by 3 percent. In all world markets, its price has bypassed 14 thousand dollars. By the time the article was written, the crypto currency was worth $ 14,396. Thanks to this success, the total capitalization of bitcoin reached 242 billion dollars.


Over the last day, the digital currency has grown by 8.7 percent. At the time of this writing, it was valued at $ 1357. The total value of the crypto currency has reached 131 billion.


Neither bitcoin nor ether could compare with ripple by its profitability. On Friday, the Crypto currency went up by 18%. At the time of this writing, it cost $ 1.99. The entire market is now estimated at 77.12 billion.

Other crypto-currencies

Excellent results are shown by Cardano. Crypto currency in the last 24 hours increased 30.45% according to the data of coinmarketcap. As a result, it shifted to the fifth place in the ranking of digital currencies.

Over the last day, all virtual currencies have grown against the dollar. But Stellar and EOS showed a real explosion. The cost of the first on Friday increased by 35.7%, and the second by 48.38%.

Stellar immediately rose, as soon as CNBC depositor Brian Kelly announced that the digital asset could become the next currency for surges.

For 2018, Stellar added to the price of 338%. On January 4, the currency was traded at a price of $ 0.92. While a week ago, it was sold at a rate of 0.21 $.

But the token could not reach the dollar. On the eleventh of January, the coin suffered a deep 53-percent correction.

But now she has regained her position and is worth 0.65 $. Now Stellar provides a market capitalization of $ 12.4 billion. Thanks to this explosion, the coin became the eighth in the coinmarketcap rating.

Another reason for the steep jump in Stellar is the positive rumors associated with the Ripple market. In fact, these two crypto-currencies are completely different projects.

But in recent weeks these two digital currencies are moving in the same direction. Perhaps because XLM is seen by many investors as “Ripple for a poor person”.

ZCash – the most confidential crypto currency

These are quite popular coins. At the time of printing, they traded at a rate of $ 707. Over the past 24 hours, the digital currency has increased by 2.37%.

Record ZCash installed at a price of $ 955.26. The deviation from this level is due to restrictions in South Korea. On January 8, prices fell to a low of $ 601.

Although the situation on the market indicates that the crypto currency is moving up. Yesterday’s high ($ 732.78) added confidence to ZCash and will open the door for a new ascent. Target point is 800 $.

The further level of $ 1,000 can also not be ruled out in the near future.

But if the stock exchange closes at $ 571.18, it will signal a decline in the market.