A colossal “mothership” of aliens spotted near the ISS (VIDEO)

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UNITED STATES (VOP TODAY NEWS) – A huge “extraterrestrial” object was detected in a video filmed from the International Space Station (ISS). This time, the ufologists are shouting at it unanimously: it’s the extraterrestrials coming on a giant mothership!

The duo of extraterrestrial fanatics Blake and Brett Cousins, known in the ufologist community for their YouTube account, published on July 17 footage from the ISS that captures a mysterious peculiarity …

In the clip, a foggy, massive object flies in the background of the International Space Station. At first appears as a line of orange lights, then the unidentified object begins to take shape. When the video comes to an end, the lights seem to fall back into space.

The clip, says the duo Cousins, is accelerated by 900% while the actual incident lasted more than nine minutes.

To solve this mystery, the duo asked a passionate amateur devoted to UFOs to clarify the nature of the device.

“First of all, when I watched it, I did not know exactly what I was seeing, but as the video progressed, you started to see things move … you see those orange spots around you. ‘object, note] and a particular spot is seen above the object, almost as if the light were heading towards the ISS. In the end, the whole device shrinks a little. It could be a giant mothership, these small orange balls being the exploration ships sent to Earth that always visit us, “said the expert.

He went on to explain that the flying saucers seen by humans on Earth are actually “small reconnaissance ships” coming out of motherships similar to the one shown in the video.
In two days, the video was viewed more than 100,000 times and was commented by more than 260 Internet users, who speculate on the origin of the unknown device. Some users have even thrown themselves into conspiracy theories:

“It is quite obvious that we are either a protected planet like a natural reserve, or under the protection or the reign of another extraterrestrial race. People are wondering how many different devices come here. It’s as if the extraterrestrials were not allowed to say “hello”. Why? Because we have been ruled since the first day. A fairly simple logic. Other extraterrestrials probably visit us, but they have an agreement to have no contact with us. Otherwise how to explain the circles of culture, the graffiti? They probably say to themselves: “poor humans are slaves, I wish I could tell them!” It is very similar to the tribe that lives on the Andaman Islands: it has no contact with the rest of the world, no idea what’s going on. Our governments will not let us say hello, so is the situation on Earth. So do not be shocked that they are here, they are just not allowed to talk to us, it’s as if the Earth was led by Kim Jong-il, “said the user MrSonicseeds.

However, others were a little more modest in their theories, without calling them cynical, suggesting that the film represented a storm in the upper atmosphere of the Earth.

Strange objects flying near the ISS are common phenomena. Despite a myriad of “mysterious anomalies” detected by UFO enthusiasts, NASA and other space agencies operating from the ISS almost invariably refuse to directly address UFO claims about so-called encounters with extraterrestrials or their visits to Earth.

August 2015: UFOs wearing pink

A video of a pink light around the Station ignited fears that the extraterrestrials are watching the Earth.

March 2016: the ISS attacked!

NASA astronaut Scott Kelly and his ASE colleague Tim Peake announced that they had been “attacked” by aliens during their mission.

May 2016: the ISS attacked again!

The ISS videos filmed a fuzzy missile-shaped object heading towards the Station. Some commentators thought it was a UFO attack, and yet others saw it as an orbital weapon that North Korea often boasts.

June 2016: a fireball of mass destruction

The ISS cameras captured an incredible scene, which seemed to be a big fireball going through the space. The conspirators were convinced that it was an extraterrestrial device while the skeptics answered that it was simply a meteor entering the atmosphere of the Earth.

August 2016: what does NASA hide?

A perfect square-shaped object, much larger than the Earth, was spotted by two Station cameras 25 hours apart. The sequences were absent from a subsequent NASA video, which suggested to some ufologists that the agency had deliberately modified the images.

August 2016: flashing lights

Strange lights were picked up near the ISS. The UFO expert Scott Waring was convinced: the aliens are watching the station.

September 2016: an unidentified fluffy object?

A video showing a small white orb has been published by the user Streetcap1.

“The unidentified object is brighter on the left side because of the sun’s light, so it’s not a reflection of the lenses. NASA cut the power of the camera very quickly (…) but I managed to get some pictures to enlarge, “reads the description of the video.

However, skeptics suggested that it was more of an “unidentified fluffy object,” a mere dust on the lens.