Clinton accused Trump of racist views

Former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said that the owner of the White House, Donald Trump, adheres to racist attitudes towards those who “do not look like him.” The corresponding entry was made by the ex-presidential candidate on Friday on her Twitter page, amid reports of incorrect statements by the American leader regarding Haiti and the countries of Africa.

“The anniversary of the monstrous eight-year-old earthquake is the day when we need to remember the tragedy, honor the inflexible people of Haiti and reaffirm America’s commitment to helping our neighbors,” Clinton wrote. “Instead, we are confronted with Trump’s ignorant and racist views of all who do not look just like him.”

Trump’s statements, which aroused strong reaction from the world public, were heard during his meeting with lawmakers in the White House, CNN reported on Thursday, referring to the people present at the meeting.

According to CNN, when Democratic senator Dick Durbin mentioned Haiti during the discussion of immigration issues, Trump asked why someone wants immigrants from Haiti and from Africa to come to the US and called these countries “dirty holes”.

He added that one should strive to ensure that people from countries like Norway come to the United States. Subsequently, the US president argued that he did not utter the rude expression attributed to him.

In January 2010, a severe earthquake struck Haiti, which killed 225,000 people and undermined the state’s economy.