CIA Director Mike Pompeo may be the Secretary of State if Rex Tillerson leave

The United States President Donald Trump is thinking about the nomination of CIA Director Mike Pompeo for the post of Secretary of State if Rex Tillerson, who now holds this post, will leave the administration, NBC News detailed referring to the sources.

On Wednesday, the NBC TV station revealed that Tillerson had been unflattering about Trump and had proposed to leave his post in the mid year, however stayed after the influence of Vice President Mike Pens.

Tillerson discredited this data, saying that “he stays focused on the president,” and Trump blamed the TV channel for spreading intentionally false data and requested an expression of remorse.

Data about the conceivable rejection of Tillerson toward the finish of August was at that point distributed by The Washington Post.

As indicated by the distribution, the president is disappointed with crafted by the Secretary of State.

The newspaper noted that Tillerson was in conflict with Trump on a number of issues, “including the number of military personnel in Afghanistan, the blockade of Qatar and Cuba.” In the State Department, these rumors were refuted.