A POST office boss was shocked to buy a table at an antiques warehouse – and discover Jesus on the cross.

Simon Chorley picked up a bargain after noticing the huge watermark which appears to resemble Christ.


He paid £320 – after a £90 discount – for the table stained by rain dripping from a roof in a barn in Brompton, Shrops,.
Simon, 35, told The Sun: “I clocked it had a strange stain and but didn’t really notice it until I sent a photo to my girlfriend and she replied ‘oh my god that’s Christ on the cross’.
“You can see his beard and face as well.

“It’s mental.”
Simon, a postmaster from Coven, Staffs,. added: “The owners said it had been stored in an old barn and water had dropped through the roof and onto the table.

“In order to stop it dripping any further the lady put a metal bucket on the table.

“It’s only when she moved the bucket I noticed.
“I was going to varnish it to make it look nice but I don’t think I will now.”

The bargain buy was picked up from antique firm Dealers UK, which has more than 7,000 items.

But Simon has been unable to find space for the incredible antique in his house so has decided to put it back on the market.

Earlier this month a tomb believed to be the place where the body of Jesus Christ was laid was opened for the first time in 500 years.

A second grey marble which nobody knew existed was engraved with a cross was discovered.

Meanwhile, a Christian doom-monger claimed Jesus is poised to spark a New Year’s Eve apocalypse and wipe out life on earth.

Computer boffin Nora Roth claims he has calculated the end of the world will happen before the end of the year.