China wants to play a bigger role in Syria

File photo -- CNN
Beijing wants to have a bigger role in Syria by investing in the country, said Sunday Qi Qianjin, China’s ambassador to Syria.

Beijing therefore intends, according to the diplomat, to take a large part in the reconstruction of Syria heavily damaged by terrorists.

“I think it is time to focus our efforts on the development and reconstruction of Syria, and I think China will play a greater role in this process, by providing more help to the Syrian people and government,” said the ambassador to Xinhua, during a visit to al-Mouwasat University Hospital in Damascus.

Referring to donations made by Beijing in the health sector in Syria, the diplomat said that China plans to expand its role in this country, by intensifying its efforts to assist the people and government of Syria.

Regarding the railway project in Syria, the Chinese side wants to actively participate after the reconstruction of the transport network in the country, as already told the Russian news agency Sputnik, the Minister Syrian Transport.

According to the electronic version of the Chinese newspaper Global Times, at least 30 Chinese business people and personalities have moved to Syria since April to examine investment opportunities in the country.