China supports Huawei in its fight against the US

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UNITED STATES (VOP TODAY NEWS) — Beijing on Friday offered its full support to the legal battle launched by China’s Huawei Telecom Group, a US telecommunications giant, on Thursday, saying it would take “all necessary measures” to defend the private company.

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi welcomed the company’s initiative, saying it should not remain a “silent lamb” for Americans. The Americans say the equipment produced by the group could be used by Beijing to spy on other countries.

The United States has banned Huawei from deploying its fifth-generation phone network (5G) to US territory, and has banned its departments from buying Huawei products and services. Washington is trying to persuade its Western allies to take similar steps.

The US judiciary also wants to prosecute the financial director of the Chinese group Ming Wenchu ​​for violating sanctions against Iran. Ming was arrested in Canada and was released on conditionally pending the activation of her extradition to the United States.

Wang said Friday that “it is enough to take an objective and neutral position to note that the recent steps against a specific Chinese company and individuals are not a simple judicial issue but deliberate political repression.”

“We have taken and will take all necessary measures to firmly protect the legitimate rights and interests of Chinese companies and citizens,” he said at a press conference on the sidelines of the annual parliament session.

– “Legal means” –

Huawei, the world’s largest smart phone company and Samsung and Apple, Thursday filed suit in Texas against the US for blocking US administrations from acquiring Huawei products.

The company also seeks compensation and benefits for its “unconstitutional” prohibition. The United States is accused of hacking its servers and stealing its e-mails.

“We support companies and people involved in the use of legal means to protect their rights and interests, so as not to be silent mutants,” Wang Yi said.

For his part, US Ambassador to China Teri Pranstad said Huawei’s suit “resembles a retaliatory measure,” adding “in my opinion this is not a very smart strategy” in an interview broadcast by Bloomberg Television.

Donald Trump’s administration asserts that Huawei’s equipment can be used by Chinese intelligence to spy on other countries and disrupt communications.

China sees these accusations as an excuse to limit the growth of the world’s leading communications equipment company and avoid its technological superiority over the United States.

“What we want to defend is not only the rights and interests of a company, but the legitimate right to development of any country or nation,” Wang said.

Ming Wanzhou was represented before the court on May 8 in Vancouver as part of the extradition proceedings. She was arrested in early December in Canada at the request of the US judiciary.

– Prevention in Australia –

In the wake of this, two Canadians were arrested in China, in a move seen by the West as a reprisal. China suspects that they pose a threat to its national security.

In recent weeks, Huawei has launched an intense media campaign to defend its reputation, to the extent that its normally discreet founder, Ren Zengvi, 74, participated in the debate, denying any connection to his company with Chinese intelligence.

Managers at the group also stressed at a press conference that they had never received any request from Beijing to install “technological loopholes” in its equipment to allow for spying on communications.

However, the legal official of Huawei Song Luoping admitted that there is a Chinese law that allows the company to be required to assist the government, but only in cases of terrorism and criminal activities.

After filing suit against Washington, the Chinese company confirmed on Friday that it is not currently considering a judicial response to Canberra’s decision to prevent it from installing fifth-generation communications equipment in Australia.

“Although we have differences with the federal government, we still prefer to cooperate,” a spokesman for Huawei told AFP.

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