China has announced its opposition to any unilateral sanctions against Iran and has defended the nuclear deal signed between Tehran and the 2015 International Seminary as a “hard-won deal”.

“Achieving comprehensive agreements has not been an easy task, so each of the parties concerned has to assess these results more than usual and doubly,” a Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman said on Saturday.

He stressed that “China opposes the use of unilateral sanctions by States based on the rules of national law.”

The Chinese spokesman reiterated his country’s firm stance on unilateral sanctions and China’s full support for Iran’s nuclear deal as it stands, noting that it “conforms to common fundamental interests” and enjoys the support of much of the international community.

The statement comes after the US president announced the extension of the suspension of sanctions against Iran under the agreement on its nuclear program “for the last time,” warning that his country would withdraw from the agreement if not modified “huge flaws contained in the nuclear deal with Iran.”