China found a weapon to fight the United States

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UNITED STATES (VOP TODAY NEWS) — China has been too polite to the United States for too long. But as soon as America touched his national dignity, talking about the “yellow threat”, he dealt a cold and biting blow to the States. About it on the air “Evenings with Vladimir Solovyov” said the head of the School of Oriental Studies at HSE, Professor Alexey Maslov.

Maslov recalled that in the XIX century, China suffered tremendous stress when the Western powers invaded its territory and literally crushed the national dignity of a country that had been developing for five thousand years. “The Celestial remembered it forever. Therefore, as soon as China’s national dignity is touched, all negotiations end there,” he said.

“China finally understood what many were saying, but he just did not want to believe it. It is about the survival of the country as such, its economy and, most importantly, the goals that the Celestial Empire has set for itself in the coming decades” – said the professor.

Now China and the United States have started a big game. Trading in this confrontation is only the first shot. Ultimately, there is a war for world domination. Potentially, China is winning. Beijing’s patience ended, although it was long.

So far, the Chinese authorities insist on mutual respect and mutual benefit, but they have already prepared deadly arguments against the United States and Trump personally. First, the ban on the sale to America of rare earth metals, which hits the electronics manufacturers. Secondly, the closure of access to the Chinese market for US companies.

This will cause terrible discontent with Trump on the part of big business and could cost him the presidency. And the most dangerous trump card is the dumping on the market of US government bonds from the Chinese portfolio. Moreover, not when everyone is waiting, but when the economic crisis begins, and this will be especially painful.

According to Maslow, the confrontation between the two great powers began at a time when China declared its right to claim the same place in the technological breakthrough as the United States. America, of course, does not want to let Chinese technology on the world market.

The US is accusing China, Huawei and its other corporations for leaking information onto their servers. But this is just an excuse. In fact, America wants to destroy China. And the latter is forced not only to defend himself, but also to strike back.

The professor clarified: “Now inside the American market a tangible blow has gone from China: tactically, the United States can win, but strategically it is losing. this is billions of dollars. ”

Maslov also drew attention to the fact that China understood: it is necessary to accelerate the creation of their camp. To this end, he abruptly zeroed tariffs with neighbors and set about creating transnational corporations with their Asian partners.

“Not only that, China acts not only by trade, but also by military-political methods. Its Navy has become the largest in the world in the number of ships,” the speaker stressed.

Against this background, Russia now has a very advantageous position with respect to China, Maslov is sure. Unlike many European countries and American companies, she did not get Chinese loans.

Moreover, Russia is the only country that is very sensitive to relations with the Middle Kingdom, and the latter is reciprocating to it.

However, there is a gap in the Russian-Chinese vector. The professor said: “The discrepancy between the top level, which is actually very good, countries do not just respect each other, we have a real dialogue, and this is not a slogan. But as soon as we go down to the level of small and medium enterprises, everything it stops because there is no work experience, no specialists. ” Therefore, we need expert support for Russian-Chinese relations, said Maslov.

“China did not believe that they would be engaged, and many of its companies tried to comply with the American sanctions regime. Now, presumably, he will reconsider his attitude to sanctions and quite differently evaluate the synergistic opportunities that Russia opens for him,” concluded Vladimir Solovyov.


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