Chelsea Manning says she was denied entry to Canada

FILE PHOTO - U.S. soldier Chelsea Manning, who was born male but identifies as a woman, imprisoned for handing over classified files to pro-transparency site WikiLeaks, is pictured dressed as a woman in this 2010 photograph obtained on August 14, 2013. Courtesy U.S. Army/Handout via REUTERS
Chelsea Manning was turned back at the Canadian-U.S. border because she was convicted of espionage for passing information to Wikileaks, the former U.S. intelligence analyst said on Monday, as cited by Reuters.

Chelsea Manning, the Army specialist who served seven years in prison for crimes related to leaking hundreds of thousands of military and diplomatic files to WikiLeaks, has been denied temporary entry to Canada, according to a letter she published on Twitter.

The letter appears to be the official Canadian denial of an application to visit the country. The letter states that Manning had sought to cross the border in Saint-Bernard-de-Lacolle, Quebec.

Manning is deemed “inadmissible” due to Canadian law barring those “having been convicted of an offense outside Canada that, if committed in Canada, would … [be] punishable by a maximum term of imprisonable of at least 10 years.”

“so, i guess canada has permanently banned me ?” tweeted Manning with a series of emojis appearing depict a Mountie denying her passage.

“@CitImmCanada denied entry b/c of convictions similar to ‘treason’ offense,” she added.