Wednesday, August 23, 2017

South Korea THAAD protest

Thousands of South Koreans staged a protest rally in central Seoul on Saturday demanding the withdrawal of the deployment of an American high-tech anti-missile defense system as President Moon Jae-in and his U.S. counterpart Donald Trump are set to meet in Washington D.C. next week. "The deployment of THAAD, which is unnecessary for the defense of the Korean Peninsula, should...

Destroyed Al-Nuri Mosque

Iraqi security forces release this image of destroyed Al-Nuri Mosque in western Mosul. 

First images from inside London’s Grenfell Tower

Harrowing images from inside Grenfell Tower, the high-rise apartment block that went up in flames last week, were released by London's Metropolitan Police on Sunday. The images of the blackened, scorched innards of the building show debris-strewn rooms that were formerly occupied by working-class residents of London. Authorities said Saturday that 30 people were confirmed to have died and that 28...

Spain refugees protest

Several thousand people have marched in Spain's capital, Madrid, to demand that the government immediately honours its pledge to take in more than 17,000 refugees as part of a European relocation plan.

Mosul camp weeding

Iraqi internally displaced groom Jassim Mohammed walks with his bride, Amena Ali, during their wedding ceremony at a camp for internally displaced people, in Khazir, near Mosul, Iraq. Hadi Mizban/AP

West Bank Muslim

A man watches as Palestinian youths attempt to cross over a barrier next to the Qalandia checkpoint in the West Bank, in order to attend the second Friday prayers of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan at al-Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem. File - Getty Images 

Iraq refugees

An Iraqi woman lies on the ground as civilians flee Mosul while Iraqi forces advance inside the city during fighting against Islamic State group's fighters on March 8, 2017. File -- Getty Images 

Syria War

Two Syrian children stand by in front of the rubble of a destroyed house in the northern Syrian town of al-Bab, after Turkish-backed rebels announced the recapture of the town from IS.  File -- Getty Images 

Indian state of Assam on WED

On the eve of World Environment Day, ragpickers sort through a large garbage heap as stray cows and storks feed on the refuse, in the Indian state of Assam.  File -- Getty Images 

Anti-Sharia protest hold rallies in cities across the country

Anti-Muslim activists hoisted American flags and delivered fiery speeches in rallies across the country Saturday, facing off against crowds of counter-demonstrators in several cities and exposing the visceral rage that has come to define America’s political extremes. ACT for America, a lobbyist organization with close ties to the Trump administration, organized nationwide marches to oppose Islamic law, which the group...