Sunday, August 20, 2017

7 govt. officials admitted alien life exist

7 govt. officials admitted alien life existvideo
Are we alone in the universe? There are, in fact, government officials who admitted that alien life forms exist. Here are a few of them.

The TV cameras Apollo left on the Moon

Apollo 17 was the last mission to the moon but if no one else is there, who’s operating the TV camera as it pans up and follows the ascent module when it returned to Earth? Here's a clue... it's not Stanley Kubrick.

Strange “UFO Portal” is captured by the camera over UK

Strange UFO Portal is captured by the camera over UKvideo
In this video uploaded in YouTube by secureteam10 we can see a very strange ''portals'' in the skies of England. Those signs were captured by the camera of several people in different places in UK. We are unable to know what those signs exactly are, but all we can...

Abraham Lincoln mystery solved by enhanced tech

Abraham Lincoln mystery solved by enhanced techvideo
Abraham Lincoln mystery solved by enhanced tech -- Researchers in the UK use enhanced 'N-Gram Tracing' to solve a longstanding mystery over a letter written during the Civil War. A team of forensic linguistics experts believe they have solved a longstanding mystery, using a method...

But First, Growing number of historians are questioning if Jesus ever existed at all

Christmas is a time of year where people are supposed to put aside their differences and come together to celebrate in peace, love, and understanding. Though few question the traditions of the season, many of them predate Christianity in Europe. A lot was borrowed...

Alien signals detected coming from a red dwarf star – Ross 128

ALIENS Messages Coming from the Stars are ‘Probably’ from Aliens - Scientists Say - Photo
Astronomers have detected mysterious radio signals coming from the direction of a small, dim star located about 11 light-years from Earth. The signals came from a red dwarf star - Ross 128 (GJ 447) - which is around 2,800 times dimmer than the Sun and...

Satanic memorial sparks free speech debate in Minnesota

A veteran’s park in Belle Plaine became a ground zero for constitutional debate after the city created a Free Speech Zone where memorials of any religious background could be placed, told  In January, a Christian memorial was removed over concerns it violated the establishment clause...

Why is there a base on Google Mars ?

The chances of anything coming from Mars have taken a downward turn with the finding that the surface of the red planet contains a “toxic cocktail” of chemicals that can wipe out living organisms. Experiments with compounds found in the Martian soil show that they...

Real life Alien locations on Earth

We all suspect that we’re not alone in the Universe. Theories abound with regard to ancient aliens visiting the planet. We don’t think a lot of these are convincing enough to take seriously. There are a few sites, however, that remain unexplained. These next 5 real...


Vatican City, a city-state surrounded by Rome, Italy, is the headquarters of the Roman Catholic Church. It's home to the Pope and a trove of iconic art and architecture. Its Vatican Museums house ancient Roman sculptures such as the famed “Laocoön and His Sons” as...