Friday, February 24, 2017

Man-made Climate Change was a factor in strange weather events around the world, report

A new scientific report finds man-made climate change played some role in two dozen extreme weather events last year but not in a few other weird weather instances around the world. ______ WASHINGTON, United States - National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (AP) -- An annual report...

Groundwater resources depletion in the next few decades – study warns

Groundwater resources could be depleted in the next few decades in dry areas of the world where people use lots of water for drinking and irrigating crops, researchers said Thursday. ______ SAN FRANCISCO, United States, American Geophysical Union - AFP -- The research was presented at...

Global warming is responsible for the melting of mountain glaciers around the world, scientists say

There has been some debate in the scientific community about whether climate change was entirely to blame for ice melt. Since glaciers respond slowly to climate change and are susceptible to yearly weather changes, there has been some debate in the scientific community about whether...